The only Dual Pairing Wireless Headphones on the market.

We are bring you another one of a kind technology . This time we have developed the first Dual paring wireless headphones.

If your not sure what that means, let us explain. Normally with wireless Bluetooth headphones you can only connect your phone, tablet etc. to one pair of headphones…until now.

With the new DUO headphones, you can connect you phone tablet etc. to two wireless headphones. This allow you to both listen to music together, watch films together or even watch TV! The DUO is perfect for sharing, without the fuss of wires or headphone slitters. You can even control you own personal volume when paring together- so no more arguing over being too loud!

DUO is Perfect for sharing in the Gym, on the plane, in the car, or watching TV!

The DUO also allows you to use the headphone separately as well! Just make sure there are not to close when paring. They are wireless headphone with amazing battery life, however if you want you can make the headphones wired with the AUX cable that comes with the product!

The DUO has incredible sound clarity and Quality. Adjustable fit with comfort-cushioned ear cups made for everyday use. Sleek, streamlined design that’s durable and foldable to go everywhere you want to go.Take calls with the built in mic, control your music and volume from the side of the phones.

The DUO is Perfect for Sharing so why not Share it with something this Christmas?