Introducing our brand new sound-2-light LED tower speaker. It has 111 SMD LED that produce an impressive strong and bright light show when your playing your music!

Play your music though so many different functions- BLUETOOTH, RADIO,USB and SD.
The Ibiza tube stands over 1 meter tall, with 2 speakers and 2 tweeters that combined produce over 100W of sound!

It has 4 light modes. The first being sound to light- when playing music the LEDS with flash in 5 different colours to the beat of the music, changing colours as the sound changes- creating a mesmerizing effect!

The second is a fade- the colours will fade and bleed into one another to create a smooth lighting effect to the Tempo of music your playing.

The third- is a rainbow dancing effect- this is there the tube will be lit up by 3 different colours at one time changing to the beat of the music.

The forth is mood lighting- this allows you to have the lights on and let them play and bleed together even when no music is playing, creating a nice calming mood lighting in you home.

The Ibiza tube comes with a full function remote control-allowing you to change song, function, light mode, volume ,bass and treble etc.- all from the comfort of the sofa!

This is the perfect Party piece for every Christmas and New year part-so get yours NOW!