The Classic Retro radio, CD players, with Bluetooth receiving to play your own music…. BUT Now with Added BLUETOOTH TRANSMITTING

Our all new version of everyone’s favorite Retro Radio -CD player is back!!

But this time somethings very different and new. We have now added in BLUETOOTH TRANSMITTING- this will allow you to play your CDs thought any Bluetooth speaker! This is the only kind of its technology on the markets today. We know so many people still have massive CD collections , but these days, everyone has Bluetooth speaker. That’s not good for the CD lovers, as there WAS no way Wirelessly connecting you your CDs on your BT speakers….. until now!

We have developed a technology that for the first time anywhere, will allow you to wirelessly play CDs to your Bluetooth speakers! That Tech is not integrated into the Stirling 4! Not only doses that Stirling 4 do that but it has so many other handy features!

  • Mw-Lw-Fm and FM-Stereo Analogue Radio: ( FM 88 – 108 MHz; AM 540 – 1600 kHz LW 150 – 270 kHz)
  • Bluetooth Receive
  • USB Charging Port for charging
  • Built-in Stereo Speaker
  • Battery operated for portability!

All in all the Stirling 4 has everything you need and has to be on your Christmas List this year!

Available in CREAM or GREY.